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Project Manager AI Challenges

Full-time · Netherlands

Artificial Intelligence sometimes gets a bad rep. But in essence, AI is ‘just another tool’ in humanity’s toolbelt. Whether it’s used to achieve good, bad, or ugly results depends on who wields it. At Kickstart AI, we exclusively leverage AI to effect positive change: we conceive and cultivate AI solutions to solve major societal challenges. And with great success. Our track record includes an early warning system for COVID-19 hospital admissions and a model to reduce food retailer waste by a staggering 20%. Better yet: we share our models freely by placing them in the public domain. But how should we tackle the next challenges? And how can we inspire data scientists to deliver the AI goods on time and on budget? As Program Manager AI Challenges, you manage and drive cutting-edge AI projects that benefit everyone.


You will coordinate and accelerate AI projects from inception (which challenges do we want our community to take on?) to delivering and publicly sharing the finished models. You formulate ambitious (‘barely possible’ is your favorite compound adjective) challenges, scope initiatives, develop briefs, and vigorously drive project progress in close collaboration with the multidisciplinary team. How can we ensure successful and timely delivery? How can we gently nudge participants back on track if objectives drift out of sight? And how can we master the ultimate balancing act: maximizing societal impact while minimizing costs?

This role calls for proven project and stakeholder management skills. Experience with productizing and (preferably) ‘open sourcing’ solutions would be an asset. Additionally, while we don’t expect you to critique Bayes’ Theorem at the water cooler, a genuine passion for AI is a prerequisite. After all, most of your colleagues have second homes there. They’re also primarily employed by our corporate sponsors (Ahold-Delhaize, KLM, NS, and ING), so you have to be a fervent torchbearer and keep the ‘challenge fire’ burning at all times. To sum it all up, the position of Program Manager will suit you to a T if you want to enable a virtual, multidisciplinary team to deliver cutting-edge AI projects that positively impact society on a potentially global scale.


  • Have to be an experienced project manager who prefers open lines of communication to issuing orders from an ivory tower: project success requires commitment and collaboration

  • Should thrive in a fast-paced and intellectually stimulating setting where ideas bounce around 

  • Can wow us with a track record of successful product launches and/or completed challenges/competitions
  • Should want to contribute to cutting-edge AI projects that benefit the world
  • Need to embrace working with experts in a variety of fields, but with a shared blood type: if AI leaves you colder than winter on Neptune, you’d struggle here
  • Love to work with a global community and don’t shy away from the international stage


  • Because you will work with the best & brightest data scientists at industry-leading companies
  • Because this is a ‘boldly go where no (wo)man has gone before’ role: what we do is truly unique
  • Because of the recognition: we dream big, and when those dreams come true, everyone will know
  • Because corporate-funded environments that give back to the community are few and far between 
  • Because you are keen to learn different perspectives on machine learning and advanced algorithms


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