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Product Lead

Full-time · Netherlands

Imagine you’re a rose petal, carried on a mild spring breeze. Muy tranquilo, right? Well, this role is the opposite. A heavy metal concert in a tornado, if you will. Because at kickstart AI, we’re not interested in established products; we’re all about scaling new summits and tailoring a succession of world firsts. First-in-class AI models, to be precise. Developed by our data science community to tackle specific corporate challenges. And every model has the potential to change the world for the better. Can you help productize these AI solutions? And are you ready, willing, and able to hire, build and inspire the right engineers and business analysts to make that happen?


you drive the adoption of real-world AI applications. But before we get into the ‘how,’ let’s shed some light on our backstory: Kickstart AI taps into the wisdom of the data science crowd at leading Dutch companies. Aka our corporate sponsors. We present our network of data scientists with trending challenges (e.g., forecasting in an increasingly fluid environment) and inspire them to come up with ‘supermodel’ AI solutions that (a) benefit our sponsors AND (b) can be scaled/generalized/tailored and/or gene-spliced😉 to benefit the rest of the world. Solutions range from open-source models to SDKs and data streams. It’s up to you (and the team you build, run and love) to productize and promote these initiatives.

This could entail generalizing and scaling AI models to solve broad use cases and/or tailoring solutions to fit specific situations, for example, at not-for-profits, NGOs, and SMEs. You will engage a veritable army of volunteers to build and maintain the open-source code (GNU GPL), get up close and personal with project counterparts, quantify the added value of (y)our models, and spearhead adoption and implementation. Of note: we are not in the SaaS business, so after a successful implementation and a glass of champagne, our work is done. As for our ambitions, we would be elated if you could accomplish the following by the end of 2023:

• Build a high-performing team of two data scientists, two engineers, and a business analyst

• Co-create a demand forecasting model that can be deployed in a variety of contexts, either as a baseline model or as a starting point

• Realize a 20-30% improvement in key demand forecasting/food waste KPIs at relevant partner companies (KLM catering, NS retail, and – possibly - ING SME customers)

• Help food banks manage a steep increase in demand this winter (SDG projects an increase from under 100k to over 500k weekly clients)


  • Need to know the product development ropes: we welcome consultants desperately looking for the EXIT sign at their current job, as well as product-driven souls with a corporate track record

  • Must enjoy uncharted waters: our products can potentially cleave through waves like a sailfish on steroids, but it’s up to you to plot the course

  • Need to feel comfortable in assorted pressure-cooker settings: you’ll spar with idiosyncratic data scientists, as well as C-level counterparts: consultative sales skills would be an asset 
  • Want to contribute to cutting-edge AI projects that can potentially benefit the entire world
  • Have to love contributing to and being a highly visible member of a global community


  • Because you will work with the best & brightest data scientists at industry-leading companies 
  • Because we will pay you up to 87k and throw in a 15% premium. Granted, that’s mainly because we don’t have a pension scheme just yet, but it does add up 
  • Because this is a role with heroic impact: elevate the usefulness and attractiveness of AI, not just for businesses but for the greater good
  • Because recognition awaits: we dream big, and when those dreams come true, everyone will know
  • Because corporate-funded environments that give back to the community are few and far between
  • Because you are eager to advance your knowledge of machine learning and advanced algorithm


Hit the apply button. Want to find out more first? You can mail Jaimy at, Whatsapp or call via +31 6 28500972