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Community Strategist

Full-time - Hybrid - Delft

Back in 2019, some of the biggest companies in the Netherlands got together to talk about the future of Dutch AI. Convinced, AI had the potential to make life better for everyone, and aware of the extra push needed to really take off. Since then we've grown into an independent not-for-profit organization, developing bold initiatives to empower the Dutch AI ecosystem in effectively and responsibly using AI.

One of our core pillars is the creation of a unified AI community— a place where AI talent comes together to participate and collaboratively strive towards shared objectives. We've embarked on an ambitious journey to grow our vibrant community from 3,500 to 10,000 active members. While we're proud of the strides we've made, boasting an active community of over 3,500 members and a solid foundation of events and digital spaces, there's still much more we aspire to achieve.

To continue this growth, we need a robust strategy and the right leader to guide our efforts. But just as importantly, we need the active participation and collaboration of every community member. How can we further inspire each member to engage and contribute? What strategies can we implement to motivate our members in actively working together? And how can we best support their efforts, building on the strong foundation we've already established? We're looking for your input!


In this role your strategic input directly shapes our community's future. You’ll join forces with our seasoned team of event managers, content specialists and community managers — Paulette, Anouk, Tjarda, Fleur to name a few. Together, you’ll enhance our events and online platforms, turning them into engaging spaces that foster genuine connections and encourage active participation.

Your role will be multifaceted: from crafting and implementing engagement strategies to analyzing the impact and adjusting as needed. We’re looking for someone who’s not just about ideas but also about action and results. If you love building communities, creating content that resonates, and facilitating events that people can’t stop talking about, you might just be the person we need! Join us as Community Strategist and help us make big things happen — together.


  • Need relevant experience as a community lead in comparable (academically oriented) settings. That said, we’re open to everyone who can convince us :)

  • Have to enjoy getting up close and personal with AI enthusiasts and have to be genuinely into the topic.

  • Should be obsessed with building this community. Not ‘just’ because it’s fun, but because you get all warm and fuzzy when you consider the purpose and impact of your role

  • Possess a robust and relevant network within the Netherlands, leveraging local connections to foster meaningful collaborations and drive impactful initiatives.

  • Need to have a party crasher mentality: you RSVP your way into any relevant meeting or event.


  • Because this is a ‘boldly go where no (wo)man has gone before’ role: what we do is truly unique 🧡

  • Because we will pay you up to 5.500 euros per month and throw in a 15% premium. Granted, that’s mainly because we don’t have a pension scheme just yet, but it does add up.

  • Because you will work with the best & brightest talent at industry-leading companies like Ahold, ING and Heineken.

  • Because of the recognition: we dream big, and when those dreams come true, everyone will know.

  • Because corporate-funded environments that give back to the community are few and far between. 


Just click on the apply button or contact our recruiters via 06-34897120. We'd love to hear from you!