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Senior Community Manager

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What makes an AI community strong? Can these strengths help a virtual network of data scientists and machine learning engineers from various backgrounds and sectors work together effectively? At Kickstart AI, we're tackling tough problems, but community members also have other demanding roles. Data scientists, for instance, might not be used to collaborating and sharing insights with peers from different organizations. How can we encourage everyone to participate and work towards shared objectives? How do we motivate them to contribute to the future of AI and collaborate? How can we best support their efforts? We're looking for your input!


We're on a mission to not only inspire and mobilize our existing community of 3,500 AI and Data Specialists towards a goal of 10,000 active members but also to weave these individuals into a single, cohesive network. Our fast-growing community needs someone with outstanding community-building skills, capable of connecting related but unconnected groups into one unified community. While we aim for growth, we also prioritize the quality of engagement and contribution, fostering a space where ideas thrive and members feel a deep sense of connection. Our efforts are supported by sponsors who believe in addressing big challenges, and our history of achievements underscores the potential for even greater success. We're looking for strategies to enhance our events and online interactions, making every project under the Kickstart AI banner not only visible and engaging but also a reason for celebration. As our Community Manager, you'll be the linchpin in this ambitious endeavor, championing growth, fostering connections, and sparking significant engagement and achievements across the board. Your role is critical in integrating our diverse members into a vibrant, productive, and united community, setting the stage for groundbreaking advancements in AI.


  • Need relevant expertise. E.g., as a community manager in comparable (academically oriented) settings. That said, we’re open to everyone who can convince us (s)he is the right (wo)man!
  • Have to enjoy getting up close and personal with data scientists and have to be genuinely into AI
  • Should be obsessed with building this community. Not ‘just’ because it’s fun, but because you get all warm and fuzzy when you consider the purpose and potential impact of your role
  • Need to have a party crasher mentality: you RSVP your way into any relevant meeting or event


  • Because we will pay you between €4.500 - 5.500 per month and throw in a 15% premium. Granted, that’s mainly because we don’t have a pension scheme just yet, but it does add up.
  • Because you will work with the best & brightest data scientists at industry-leading companies
  • Because this is a ‘boldly go where no (wo)man has gone before’ role: what we do is truly unique
  • Because of the recognition: we dream big, and when those dreams come true, everyone will know
  • Because corporate-funded environments that give back to the community are few and far between 


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